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Kelly and the Great Pinewood Derby - Book

Join Kelly and his plush koala, Professor Kelso, as they embark on a high-speed adventure while learning what it truly means to use teamwork and friendship to achieve a goal. Readers will fall in love with the charming and knowledgeable, Professor Kelso, who teaches children that friendship and love does not count chromosomes. 


Also included with every book purchase is the original Kelly song, "I'll Be There For You". 

Kelly and the Great Pinewood Derby - Book

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    • Paperback: 46 pages
    • Free Song Download 
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1724639129
    • ISBN-13: 978-1724639127
    • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 5.1 ounces 
  • As a chiropractor who sees many Down syndrome patients, I see firsthand the difficulty with the differences in patient care.  Kelly and the Great Pinewood Derby Race shows how children with DS not only love and enjoy similar activities as other kids but also shows how to include them. The first step is simply being a friend.  This book is a great way for children to start to understand some of the differences between them and someone who has Down syndrome. This book, I believe, is a must read for not only siblings dealing with understanding, but can also be used in school settings, church settings and any other place that can incorporate and include children with all differences.

    Plus, who doesn’t love Kelly’s best friend?? What a guy…

    -Dr. Aaron West, B.S., D.C.


    This book is incredible! The story is fun and engaging. The graphics/pictures are beautiful! The message is heart-warming and thought-provoking. It inspires readers to love our neighbors no matter our differences and to choose connection and love even when it's hard.

    - Gwen Leatherwood (Children's Pastor)


    I love this little book, it is so well done. It sheds light on a misunderstood precious group of people. So enjoyed reading it. Having had a brother with Down syndrome it made me smile. If you want a great educational tool on this subject, grab this book.

    -Trudi Blount



    My friend, and brother in Christ, (Jordan Burk) has created a picture book to help bring Down syndrome awareness to young children. I think things like this are especially important in a time when so many people are choosing to abort babies who are potentially with Down Syndrome. It’s important to use tools like this to teach children and adults the value of EVERY life! I have read it and it's great! I especially love the guide at the end of the book to help you discuss the topic with your children.

    - Krist Norsworthy 


    Jordan is able to show that while people with Down syndrome are different they still have the same basic needs. This is a great book to help kids understand, relate, and include those that are different. The art is great and the story is fun. Great learning tool for children!

    -Jason Gosser 


    This is a wonderful book to help explain Down syndrome to kids. Beautifully illustrated and well-crafted in its description of the "differences" children with Down syndrome have and how we can reach out and be a good friend. As a father of a fantastic boy with Down syndrome I'm telling you this is the perfect book to help spread Down syndrome awareness.

    -Steve Aaron 

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