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Jordan Burk is a dedicated author and
advocate passionate about promoting inclusion
and diversity through his work. His creation of
the Kelly and Kelso book series reflects his
commitment to teaching children the
importance of appreciating the value in others, even if they appear different while emphasizing their commonalities. 

His personal experience as a caregiver to his Uncle Kelly, who had Down syndrome, is the heartfelt inspiration for these books. Beyond his writing, Jordan actively engages with schools, spreading a message of love, acceptance, and kindness, emphasizing the need for these values to be instilled from a young age. His efforts have garnered recognition, including appearances at prestigious events like the George W. Bush Childhood Home and the 21 Dreams Down Syndrome Association Annual Picnic. He has been featured in notable magazines such as DFWchild and VOICE magazine in Australia and has appeared on Channel 8 News and Good Morning Texas. 

Jordan's dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion extends to his recognition as the Dallas Business Journal 2022 Leaders in Diversity Award recipient. Furthermore, his organization was honored by the National Down Syndrome Society as Champion of Change Business of the Year in 2023. Through his writing and advocacy, Jordan Burk is committed to preserving his Uncle's memory and continuing to create stories in the Kelly & Kelso series that inspire and educate on the importance of acceptance and kindness.


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