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Star of New Orleans Book and Plush (Combo)

This timeless story of inclusion and empowerment will come to life with the 15" high soft plush, Guidry Gator. Travel through the Big Easy with Kelly and Kelso and their new friend, Tilly, an amazing trumpet player who dreams of sharing her music on the big stage at Jazz Fest. But… There’s something special about her that she has yet to embrace. She has something called vitiligo which gives her beautiful multicolored skin. With the help of her friends, Tilly finds the confidence she needs to conquer her fears as well as how to love the skin she's in.


Fans of the Kelly and Kelso series will love the brand of new characters including Tilly's bubbly plush alligator, Guidry Gator. Stuffed animals though they may be, Kelso and his new friend Guidry have a reputation for dropping simple and timeless nuggets of wisdom and inspiration.


Children and adults can enjoy this timeless picture book as a traditional read-along and listen to the original musical number that comes as a free download in the back of the book.

Star of New Orleans Book and Plush (Combo)

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