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Is your son or family member interested in becoming a voice actor? If so, we have an amazing casting call for you! Also, get this, no age limit! 


Kelly and Kelso are currently seeking to fill the role of: KELLY BURK. We are seeking a bright, precocious, and appealing youthful actor with Down syndrome to voice the 10-year-old boy as the lead role of Kelly Burk in the cartoon adaptation of the “Kelly and Friends'' series. The actor must be able to handle short spurts of dialogue and show a range of emotions in their tone. The lines can be fed to the actor as well. This opportunity is for the LEAD ROLE!


We are accepting submissions from boys across the United States so don’t delay, you never know, your child could be booked for the role in what is sure to be the next big cartoon! 

You can apply by sending your audition video and information to

Please include:
     * First and last name
     * Email 
     * Phone
     * Age 
     * State of residency 
     * Audi
tion video


     “Wow! It’s Professor Kelso!”
     (Emotion: Excited)

     “Mooom! But I need to get good at basketball. For friends." 
     (Emotion: Pleading) 


     “Way to go Gentilly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”
     (Emotion: Excited) 

     “Hi, Dad! Bye, Dad! Going to the park! Mom said it’s okay.”
     (Emotion: Excited and Rushed)

     “I just wish Professor Kelso was here”
     (Emotion: Sad)

     “(out of breath) Sorry, gang! I thought I saw a cheeseburger.”
Emotion: Apologetic and out of breath)

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